My Story

After a series of serious health issues and being confined to a wheelchair, I could no longer go to work in the corporate world. My husband and I decided to adopt a beagle for my companionship. We named her Ellie, and unbeknownst to us, she was pregnant and 5 weeks later gave birth to 6 pure bread Beagles. Giving 5 to friends of the family, we kept the lemon beagle and named her Cookie.

They have brought us so much love and joy it’s beyond belief and has kept my mind off health setbacks. However, after some time, we noticed that the treats we were feeding them were causing skin allergies and irritation. We started making them only the best homemade treats with all-natural organic ingredients and noticed the difference almost immediately. Soon we started making them for family, friends, and so on.

Show your love for your fur babies, too, and order from 2 Beagles Bakery with the full confidence of knowing that what you see on the label is what you get. You will NEVER see unpronounceable 12-letter words in our treats, but each bag is made with love. Place your order now you and your doggie will be glad that you did.